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Default 98 Wrangler engine/trans/xfer case

Im selling all of the original stuff out of the Jeep so I can fund/finish my 5.2 swap. The engine is the 2.5, but it has been completely rebuilt. Only thing original is the block, crank, and connecting rods. Comes with all accessories (ac compressor, alt, ps pump), and new clutch and flywheel. Even has the 4.0 TB and newer Gen3 injectors. Trans is the manual AX5 trans, oil was clean. Transfer case is half Durango, half Jeep. Oil was clean, its the NP231. I also have a 1 year old Catco cat that was installed less than a year ago, cost me $300 installed. Its still attached to the downpipe, so you just need to make one weld and its done. I have a brand new 90 amp alternator for it as well. It is a Duralast, so life time warranty.
Engine: $750
Trans: $400
Transfer case: $200
Cat: $200
Alternator: $100
Complete package deal: $1000
Any questions or whatever 559-393-3258
I need this stuff sold, so if you find a buyer that pays my prices, Ill send a finders fee your way. Thanks.
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