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Originally Posted by Sonic03SVT View Post
would you be willing to motor swap and do a little work to a 4 cylinder notch? I know my next 5.0 will be a little old ladies 4 cyl notch, they can be had for under 1500 all day long, in much better shape than most 5.0 cars, and since youd probably be changing most of the drivetrain anyhow in any real serious 5.0 build, the wimpy trans/rear end dont really matter much.
I wanted to do that, but again with needing to have a good, reliable, and running car by March 8th, that would take a bit of time to swap out the rear end, drivetrain, electrical etc.

I've found a couple super clean, decent mileage 5.0's already with minimal mods, going for like $3000-$3500. Mods being exhaust, short shifter, and cai most of the time.
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