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What is Motorgen?
Motorgen is a site designed to provide fun and useful information while uniting automotive enthusiasts everywhere.

What Does Motorgen Mean?
Motorgen is an abbreviation of Motor Generation. For vast eons of human history, human beings have existed without the greatness that is the engine and all that it makes possible. However, they are not us, we are the Motor Generation.

How much does it cost to have an account on Motorgen?
Creating a custom user page, forum usage, access to databases, and uploading/downloading photos and videos are all free services offered by Motorgen.

What makes Motorgen different than other car community sites?
Motorgen was designed from the ground up to give users more flexibility and easier access to useful information than any other automotive community site. Motorgen is designed to be inclusive for all members. Not only are members able to communicate with each other through their home pages and the forums, but users can also contribute additions to the databases, and post events for other users to see.

Who is behind Motorgen?
This must remain a secret at all costs.

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