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  1. The most amazing engines on the planet...
  2. 383 pics from the build up.
  3. Srt4 Bov
  4. Getting ready for the Supercharger/ Install
  5. Supercharging
  6. the Buick Breakdown
  7. Jet Size/ Boost (A63NovaSS?)
  8. Demon/ Holley Carb Tuning Basics
  9. biodiesel
  10. Piston rock.
  11. Cylinder Deactivation?
  12. Roller rockers failing.
  13. Confusing desktop dyno numbers.
  14. Heads need resurfacing after only 15K miles.
  15. Drama - Cobra Pulleys
  16. Rocker Ratio affect on Duration
  17. Rotrex Superchargers
  18. Just to let yall know what the hold up is...
  19. New Air Intake
  20. Guage not reading oil press.
  21. What makes a lopey cam lopey?
  22. SBC vs BBC.
  23. NOS Bottle Heater
  24. CNG for Performance Engines
  25. 4.6 95 T-bird
  26. Effect of an oil cooler on combustion temprature
  27. Biggest cam to meet ULEV Emissions on an LS1
  28. Ignition
  29. Exhaust Systems, Back Pressure and Torque/HP
  30. Supercharging/Cams
  31. Choosing Plug Temps for FI
  32. Electric Motor Driven Superchargers?
  33. Expensive LT Headers vs. Not So Expensive
  34. How to quiet exhaust?
  35. Started Porting the Heads on the Chevelle
  36. Blown out piston rings... I hope.
  37. Fuel Pump Recommendations
  38. How much power can you make with an L48?
  39. Gigantic Diesel Engine
  40. File fit rings vs ???
  41. dyno day
  42. HPP 61mm Twin-Turbo System
  43. Injectors Plus: Starting out, hope to help here.
  44. Max Compression Ratio for NA LSx Motors on E85?
  45. Should I listen to Sean
  46. How do you know when your MAF isn't big enough
  47. 2JZ vs. RB26
  48. Pulling the motor to replace pistons/ rings vs. NOT
  49. Wideband Demon Tuning
  50. PV protection (check ball) has to be drilled out for boost?
  51. Does increasing timing have ANY effectin on AFR
  52. Need feedback on engine choices
  53. It's sad...
  54. Siemans 60s/80s
  55. Thanks BigBird!
  56. Holley / Demon Tuning Advanced
  57. How can a carb be tuned off of an engine?
  58. Ford Small Block 427?
  59. Flow Bench
  60. Back Pressure: Facts, Fiction, Myths, Rumors, and Lies
  61. Verdict is in, I should be in 700hp territory.
  62. The Truth About Running Colder Thermostats
  63. Quench, separated thread.
  64. Injector clean and flow tests
  65. Help with selection of Fuel Pump
  66. Anyone have an Aeromotive FPR
  67. Dropped the vette off at Vette Doctors
  68. injector help
  69. New Motor
  70. Removing carbon from Al heads
  71. Repro ZL1
  72. L88
  73. I am not DEAD!
  74. Special ECU offer from Injectors Plus
  75. Measured Backpressure on the Vette
  76. Truck debate.
  77. Fuel Injection Conversion
  78. More throttle body stuff:
  79. Hey badassc6, single pump
  80. Hooker Headers for an LS Motor
  81. MSD 85551 Distributor
  82. Dyno Day
  83. Engine homework, Is my math right?
  84. Machine shop recommendation sought
  85. Effects of Dropping Compression on HP
  86. Cam Selection
  87. Supercharger vs. Turbo, for the 1 millionth time
  88. LS vs. Coyote Block Dimensions
  89. 2005-2010 Mustang GT with manual transmission needed for magazine project
  90. Best Small Light Powerful (potential) engine for a 510
  91. HELP! Tranny Leak in RV While Camping Now
  92. Fuel Tank Venting
  93. oil leak
  94. Anybody in North OC have a code reader?
  95. Horn Relay
  96. Help: Rotors and pads on GMC Sierra
  97. If changing only injectors to larger size, is retune necessarry
  98. Removing Injectors from LS
  99. MAF Tune vs. Speed Density
  100. How do you verify a MAF is working within spec?
  101. What kind of exhaust do you have?
  102. Piston Wall Clearance Question For Glenn
  103. Z06 "Ti exhaust bypass mod"
  104. Horsepower By Valve Size
  105. Diesel carnage
  106. I'm gon be need'n me a tuner here right quick
  107. Good trans shop?
  108. DOT 4 Brake fluid around LA?
  109. Looking for a shop or project help
  110. Gettin the Vette Tuned for New Injectors Tomorrow
  111. Priming the oil system on an LS2
  112. Bye bye old boat motor.
  113. Best way to test coil?
  114. Explain wastegate actuation to me.
  115. Maximum boost hot air with 8.2:1
  116. Flex Hone
  117. Electrical Connundrum Continues
  118. Another misfire in the Cobra!
  119. Need to replace valve spring, don't know exactly what it is
  120. Selection of Valve Springs for Moderate Cam
  121. No power
  122. Changed T-Stat, Need ODBII Reader for Coolant Temp
  123. loctite on rocker studs?
  124. New Parts
  125. Controversial Breakin Recommendation
  126. Data Log Analysis
  127. Procedure for cleaning threads in the block.
  128. Block filler.
  129. 03-04 Cobra or Mach I Wanted For McLeod Racing Clutches Testing (Sean or Adam)
  130. Chevy Small Block Alum Heads
  131. VG30ET Performance Mods
  132. Turbo Qs for Damian, et. al.
  133. Chevy LG4 V6 Heads
  134. Lucas Oil Modified 355 Build
  135. Which gear oil in the diff?
  136. AMSOIL - Buy It Here
  137. Know of decent Alignment pricing?
  138. Home Made Water Injection
  139. Suspension Work
  140. 513 Build
  141. Alternatives to Walbro Fuel Pumps
  142. Cleaning Fuel Tank?
  143. Engine Build Challenge: Spec a an LS9 equivalent for <$15k
  144. PPG dogbox mod for T-56
  145. Head Studs vs. Head Bolts
  146. Mercruiser MPI vs GM TBI
  147. Reversion
  148. Fast Ez-efi
  149. Please assist, need an ethical professional performance engine builder, So-Cal
  150. Find me someone to replace a SRT4 clutch cheap
  151. Smog Help - High NOx
  152. More Smog fun
  153. Resistor in series with IAT sensor
  154. Full circle piston rings?!?!
  155. Final grit to finish cylinder wall?
  156. CARB Engine Conversion, calling Vettezuki
  157. New Power Steering setup
  158. Importance of quench and overlap in a forced induction app.
  159. You've lived a good life water pump